Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our cleaning methods and every day questions about carpet and upholstery cleaning and caring for your valuable assets. Please contact us if you have other queries regarding our services.

Carpet Cleaning Questions

The Hot Water Extraction method, often also called ‘Steam Cleaning’.

Hot Water Extraction is the most effective way of removing residual soiling and stains, especially in the base of the carpet

Depending on the condition of the carpet and type of day, 3 to 4 hours.

Only the small items you can manage.

For average sized rooms with normal soiling $20 to $30.

Yes for most easy to remove stains.

If the carpet is vacuumed regularly it may not be needed. We can offer this service for a price.

No, the hot water extraction carpet cleaner is a truck-mounted machine that has its own engine and generates its own (very) hot water.

Yes, depending on the carpet and the condition.

Carpet cleaning in Rental Properties.

The carpet will normally take 3 to 4 hours to dry. It is possible to walk on it immediately however it is best to stay off it as much as possible during this time.

Yes, for most general stains. Some stains may need more attention so it could be time dependent. Our stain chart is here.

Upholstery Cleaning Questions

This is dependent on the type of material and the condition.

A 5 seat lounge suite can normally be cleaned in around an hour.

A 5 seat lounge suite normally costs around $160 to $180 to clean.
Dining chairs are between $5 and $10 each

Upholstery would normally take about an hour or two to dry.

Yes, similar to upholstered furniture cleaning though staining is difficult to remove.

Yes, all material is cleaned including backs, sides and scatter cushions if needed.

It is very rare to find any material these days that has an issue with colour-fastness. If in doubt, a test will be carried out to ensure the material is able to be cleaned.

Yes, depending on the type and condition of the material.

Upholstery cleaning makes a difference

Yes. Stain resistant treatments are a good idea for soft furnishings. They will normally last up to 5 years as well, even after cleaning.

The effectiveness of removing stains is quite dependent on the actual material. With natural fibers such as Cotton, it can be quite difficult. Man made fibers respond well to removing stains depending on what it is.

Most man-made fibers clean very well. Some natural fibers are quite difficult to clean successfully if they are stained.

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